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be buzzworthy


ten tenets of being buzz-worthy

Be positive

Be referable

Be truthful

Be mindful

Be genuine

Be caring

Be trusted

Be curious

Be on time



I have been writing and collecting motivational quotes for over 50 years. I also enjoy card games and card tricks. Now you can have it all with my very own, custom Buzz Cards. If you'd like to have a set, buzz me at the email link below.


I love coffee. So much so, I even have my own brand. My beans are roasted with a positive attitude so you can get up and seize the day. Buzz me if you'd like to try some.


Years ago, my brother David introduced me to the Cowboy Yoyo. It's a Western campfire game, and it's great fun trying to master it. My son, Teddy, now makes these in his wood shop. Have a gander here. If you'd like to have a custom BuzzMeOnline version, I'd be happy to oblige.


buzz me


Bernard E. Stoecklein​

Cell: 412.889.5891

Thanks for the buzz. I'll be in touch.

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